Blue Pen


I have this favourite blue pen, It’s not the one in the picture, I just think it’s pretty. Yesterday I lost it. I had to use another blue pen and it just wasn’t as good. It made my handwriting messy and it just felt all wrong when it sat in my hand. I really didn’t like this pen. It’s not that my other pen was really good or this one was really bad, even though this was the case. They were both blue pens and they did the exact same thing. My pen that I lost was a fine 0.2 mm tip ball point pen. The other blue pen that I ended up having to use was a friend’s. Their pen that I borrowed was a thick 1 mm ball point pen. I know that they liked this pen and the style of it because they have multiple and in various colours. So if I were to ask them if that pen were a good pen, I know that they would say that it is, because that is what they believe. I don’t believe this, and that’s okay it’s nothing worth starting an argument about. As I said before, it just made my hand writing look messy, probably because my hand writing is messy, but that’s besides the point. This pen was suitable for my friend because this pen suited her style of writing. Her writing was very rounded and the thickness the pen suited it. My writing is like a very sort of skinny chicken scratch and when I used my friends pen it became hard to see what I was writing and was basically illegible. Either way I was grateful for my friend and their blue pen because it was what I needed at the time, it wasn’t the ideal option but it still got the job done. Thankfully today I found my blue pen… It was in my other pencil case. Lol. I must have put it in the on accident. Anyways, I hope you’re having a great day and I’ll see you Next time. Bye!


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